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Our Students. Our Passion

Term 4 Classes will remain online for the remainder of the year.

Term 4 Classes will end on the 13th December.

COVID-19 Update

ALL NQT Classes are closed, effective immediately, due to COVID-19.

NEW Computer
Coding Courses

In these introductory courses, we will be exploring programs such as scratch, python, javascript and java. Students will explore the ability to code and create applications in gaming, building websites, and robotics.

Changing the Way
We Teach English  

Special Offer for all locations

New enrolments can try our classes for $50.  

This offer includes:

  • 9 hours of English and Maths classes
  • 1 Class Work Book for the Term
  • 1 Homework Book for the Term

Conditions apply. Please call now to enquire.


Online Summer Classes 2021

We have heard many concerns from parents regarding their children having a suboptimal year of learning in 2020. 

So we have decided to do something about it! 

We are planning to host online group summer revision classes from January 11-22 in 2021, just before school begins in Term 1. 

If you are interested in these English and Maths Revision Classes, please click the link below to register your interest: